General information

The official language of the meeting is English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Visa requirements
Participants requiring a VISA for entry to POLAND may request assistance of the Organizing Office.
Contact: Mr. Piotr Kowalik e-mail:

Exhibition and sponsoring
An exhibition of pharmaceuticals, technical and research products will take place in the Congress venue during the meeting. Additional opportunities for sponsorship are available.
For more details please contact the Organizing Office.

Programme changes
The organizers cannot assume liability for any changes in the programme due to external or unforeseen circumstances.
Please check the website for regular updates. The Organizer reserve the right to cancel, postpone, relocate or change any of the sessions or to add a new session.

Educational Points
We kindly inform that educational points will be awarded for the participation in the Conference.

Participation Certificate
Participation certificates will be issued after the lectures at the Conference Reception Desk after showing your ID card.

We kindly inform that there will be a possibility to print the Certificate individually with an electronic registration system. For details, see below.

To print your certificate:
1. Log on into your profile by choosing Registration.
2. From the left side menu choose Print the Certificate.
3. Click Upload the Certificate.
4. A generated, ready-to-print certificate will appear in a new window.
5. Print the certificate.

In case of incorrect data or any other problems, please contact the Organizer.

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